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Bounce & Complaint Management with AWS SES

The AWS integration will collect and manage bounces and complaints for you to ensure your sender’s reputation remains in good standing with AWS.


There is nothing for you to set up as the subscription topics for the handling of bounces and complaints are automatically taken care of by MBR CRM.

HOWEVER, for it to be automatic you need to add the sender identity through the plugin. If you already added the identities in AWS before using the plugin, you do not need to delete them, just re-add them through the plugin. See:


How it Works…

Whenever an email bounces or complains, a notification will be sent to your site from AWS informing MBR CRM to no longer send emails to the affected email. Several things happen when this occurs.

If a contact exists in MBR CRM their opt-in status will be changed from whatever it is currently to either complained or bounced depending on the message from AWS.

Note:if a.) contact does not exist in MBR CRM this is skipped. b) Their email address is added to the email blacklist.

The Email Blacklist…

You can moderate and manage the email blacklist from WordPress.
You can add and remove emails from the list at any point, as well as search the list.

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