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Best WordPress Plugins We Use on Your Website to Boost Performance and Sales

To make your website work, you need plugins. Plugins are third-party tools that create additional advanced functions on your WordPress website.

The challenge is… plugins can be costly too!

One plugin for a single website can range from $25 to more than $200 per year, depending on its function.?

If you want an advanced website with beautiful layouts and forms, event bookings management, effective sales funnel, and automated marketing?that will require lots of plugins and extra costs.

The good news is? we include multiple plugins in your subscription with no extra charge.

At Marketing by Rob, you can enjoy professional web design services and premium WordPress plugins for only $99/month.

That makes you save a lot.

We have access to 1000s of plugins. But in this article, I listed just some major plugins we use to make your website work well and satisfy users?resulting in more leads, better conversion rates, and increased profits.

Plugins for Building and Improving Your Website

1. Elementor Pro

Price: $49/year
Included in your subscription: YES

Elementor is an innovative WordPress page builder with a drag-and-drop function.

Although it?s a free plugin, we?re using the PRO version on your website. This allows us to add more advanced elements and do more tweaks on your web pages.

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With this plugin, we make your website:

  • Professional and attractive, and
  • Optimized for desktop and mobile views.

Many web design companies still use traditional web coding for building websites. Or you might even try to do it yourself. But that?s a slow process.

With Elementor, we?re able to create anything you want us to make on your website?at a quicker pace.

2. Launch Flows?

Price: $197/year
Included in your subscription: YES

While WooCommerce allows you to sell products and services on your website, LaunchFLows customizes your sales funnel.

LaunchFlows improves customers? buying experience through:

  • Custom checkout layouts
  • Landing pages & Thank-You pages
  • Upselling of other products

And more!

When the checkout experience is great, it results in higher potential of making more sales.

It?s $197 per year, but you can use it right away for only $99 at Marketing by Rob.

3. GravityForms

Gravity Forms Plugin


Price: $59-$259/year
Included in your subscription: YES

Gravity Forms allows us to create advanced forms and manage the data on your WordPress website. More than just a contact form, you can also transform it into surveys, quizzes, and polls.

In fact, you can use it to sell and ask your customers for payment through their 3rd party integrations with PayPal, Stripe, or Authorize.Net.

The most basic plan for Gravity Forms costs $59/year. But if you want the ?elite? add-ons for the forms, it costs $259/year.

Don?t worry?you can have all that immediately for only $99 at the start of your monthly subscription with us.

4. Formidable?

Price: $149-$599/year
Included in your subscription: YES

Formidable is another form builder for creating advanced forms on your WordPress website.

One major feature Formidable offers is integrated views. You can transform the form entries into listings, directories, and calendars.

At the same time, we can use Formidable to create custom forms like estimated pricing calculators and payment forms. If you?re offering services, these two features can come handy.

The basic plan is at $149/year, but the ?elite? plan is at $599?which includes automated functions and integration with Stripe, Authorize.Net, Salesforce, and Hubspot.

Again, you can enjoy these features right away for only $99/month at Marketing by Rob.

5. Modula

Modula Gallery

Price: $29-$89 (1 year updates & support)
Included in your subscription: YES

Modula is an image gallery plugin for showcasing your photos in different beautiful styles. This is best for photographers, artists and designers.?

Modula allows you to:

  • Build the gallery with easy drag & drop
  • Mix photos and videos (including GIFs)
  • Let people share photos on social media

And more.

A beautiful gallery can put products or designs on a spotlight, and engage your website visitors and customers.

It starts at a low price of $29. But if you need more features like putting watermarks on your photos, it?s $89.

But this is already included in the value you get from a $99/month subscription with us.

Plugins for Creating and Selling Events, Courses and Memberships

1. Amelia

Amelia Plugin

Price: $59/year
Included in your subscription: YES

Amelia is used for creating appointments and events on your WordPress site. Your customers can select the service/event they want, book it, and pay you online.

Once we set up the plugin on your website, you can receive bookings hassle-free.

If you?re a business consultant, a gym instructor, a private chef, or an on-demand service provider?this will help you get more customers 24/7.

2. Tutor LMS

Price: $149/year
Included in your subscription: YES

Tutor LMS is a learning management system (LMS) for offering courses online?whether for institutions, tutors or influencer businesses.

It?s an all-in-one tool that allows you to:

  • Build unlimited courses and lessons
  • Create quizzes
  • Add multiple instructors
  • Reward certificates of completion

And more.

An interactive learning experience helps keep customers satisfied and even recommend your business to others.

The plugin?s basic plan is $149/year. But again, you can access it right from the start of your $99/month subscription with us.

3. Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member Plugin

Price: $249/year
Included in your subscription: YES

If you want to build an online community like Facebook?we use Ultimate Member. Establishing a community around your small business helps promote customer engagement and loyalty.

This plugin allows you to:

  • Build a online forum?
  • Provide user registration
  • Give access to restricted content

And more.

This plugin has its own set of extensions to provide better interaction among the members?like following each other and rating other community members.

It costs $249/year. But if you subscribe to us at $99/month, you can use it on your website right away.

4. Paid Memberships Pro

Price: $297 (1 year updates & support)
Included in your subscription: YES

Paid Memberships Pro is another membership plugin. If your business will offer exclusive content for paid users only, this tool will be helpful.

This plugin allows you to:

  • Offer paid registrations
  • Accept recurring payments
  • Protect members-only content
  • Create private social communities

And more.

This is best for managing your business team privately on the website, or selling e-learning courses and subscription-based products.

The paid version of the plugin includes additional extensions like allowing affiliate options for members and automated emails. Such value makes it cost as high as $297.

But again, you can get it with us for only $99/month.

Plugins for Ecommerce Payments and Sales Management

1. WP Simple Pay?

WP Simple Pay Plugin

Price: $99-$149/year
Included in your subscription: YES

This plugin is for accepting payments from your customers?either recurring or one-time payments.

The best advantage is you don?t need a shopping cart or WooCommerce plugin to make WP Simple Pay work. We can easily create forms that accept your customers? payments with major credit or debit cards.

This plugin allows you to:

  • Build drag & drop custom payment forms?
  • Add coupon codes
  • Secure customer payments
  • Allow Apple Pay or Google Pay options

And more.

WP Simple Pay is powered by Stripe, and if you want its complete Stripe features?it comes with a high price of $149.

But again, you can experience it with us at only $99.

2. Point of Sale Plugin

Price: $197/year
Included in your subscription: YES

We also use a virtual point of sales plugin when your small business needs it. This is necessary for businesses with local stores like bookstores, retail stores, and small food chains.

With the virtual POS system, it will save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars compared with buying POS terminals and cash registers. You can turn any computer or tablet into a flexible cash register.

Our POS plugin is integrated with the ecommerce solution in your website?like Woocommerce. Whenever you create the products on Woocommerce, it syncs with your POS.?

Our POS plugin allows you to:

  • Create as many POS registers as you want for all your retail stores
  • Get an admin view of your orders and net sales
  • Add products and manage stock
  • Issue sales receipts with your own business name and logo
  • Add barcodes and QR codes to products

And more!

This POS plugin enables you to build a complete business that provides a professional experience for customers both online and at your retail store.

Now why buy expensive local cash registers or a POS plugin when you can have it with us for only $99 per month?

Plugins for Social Media and Online Marketing

1. Social Warfare

Social Warfare

Price: $29/year
Included in your subscription: YES

Social Warfare adds social sharing buttons on your WordPress website. People can use these buttons to share your product pages, lead generator PDF, or blog posts online.

Social Warfare Pro allows you to:

  • Allow sharing on social media and other channels like Email, Reddit, or Buffer
  • Make images ?pinnable? for sharing on Pinterest
  • Make images and text quotable on Twitter
  • Get @ mentions when content is shared

And more.

This boosts your social media marketing efforts and gives you more leads

A license to this plugin is billed yearly. But with your subscription with us, you don?t worry about license renewals anymore.

2. Social Proof Plugin

Social Proof Plugin

Price: $49-$199/year
Included in your subscription: YES

We also use a plugin for showing popup notifications for recent user activities on your website, such as when someone:

  • Buys your product
  • Subscribes to email list
  • Writes a product review
  • Comments on your blog post

Each notification comes with the name of the user/buyer, and it appears continuously anywhere in your website.

This feature helps you:

  • Grab visitors? attention?
  • Build instant credibility, and
  • Improve sales.

When visitors see notifications of people buying from you just a few hours/days ago, they will more likely buy too.

Again, you can enjoy this feature without extra costs or renewal concerns when you subscribe to our services at only $99 per month.

3. WooCommerce Automation Plugin

Price: $99/year
Included in your subscription: YES

We also use a plugin that combines marketing and automation into your website. It?s fully integrated with WooCommerce and helps you retain customers and keep them satisfied.

?With this plugin, you can:

  • Send follow-up emails to customers
  • Ask for reviews or suggest other products
  • Remind customers who abandoned their shopping cart
  • Send special offers to inactive customers
  • Send birthday greetings and offers

And more.

All of these are done automatically for you?even while you sleep. It?s a convenient way to grow your sales and profit.

And again, you don?t worry about setting this up on your website or renewing its license. You get it when you subscribe to our web design services.

How are these Possibly Included for Only $99?

If you want to use all of these plugins and their functions on your website, it will cost you an upfront total of $1,692 to $2,602.

But you only need to subscribe to our services for only $99/month?and you get access to these valuable plugins.

Until when??

For as long as your subscription is active.

It may sound too good to be true?like a scam. But it?s not! Because here?s our secret: We spread the costs to all our clients.

Here at Marketing by Rob, we have unlimited access to these plugins for use on unlimited websites. And with hundreds of businesses who use and enjoy our services, we?re able to spread the costs and give it to you for only $99 per month.

It?s a Great Value for Your Business, Right?

Having this access to lots of plugins ultimately saves you money compared with buying individual licenses for each of them.

But there?s more? With Marketing by Rob, you don?t have to spend on plugin renewals or even worry about it. We take care of it.

All you have to do is run your business. We set up these plugins and make it work, while you watch your leads and sales grow.

Now if you have more questions about these plugins, feel free to contact us at or call 970-658-1881.

Or if you?re looking for the best web design company for your small business?check our plans! Our services start at only $99/month, with a 30-day money back guarantee in case you?re not satisfied.

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