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Why Your Business Needs a CRM & How We Built an Easy One for You

What is a CRM

By the name itself, a?customer?relationship management?(CRM) is a system for managing your relationships with customers or clients.
It answers these valuable and important questions?of businesses:

  • Is there?a?single?place to?easily know the details about?my?customers?
  • How?do?my?leads and customers?interact with?my?website?
  • Is there?an effective?way?to?get in touch with?customers?and?sell them?targeted?products?

These are some of the challenges CRM systems?are designed?to solve.
Put simply,?CRM is?now at the heart of the digital marketing initiatives of businesses.?And it will help your small business stay competitive and grow faster than ever.

5 Reasons Your Small?Business Needs a CRM

So what?specific ways can CRM help your business operations and goals?

1. Know and understand your customers better

Your customers?not products or services?are the top priority of your business. Without knowing your customers right, you can?t create real products and services.
And that?s exactly how CRM can help you?understand?your?customers.

  • Get a central list of information about?your customers, like name, email,?and?address
  • Add information about customer needs, wants and current state through CRM tags
  • Track how?your leads and customers react to your marketing funnel (e.g.?who downloaded your?ebook?or email).

crm contact
With?this information, you and your team can easily plan and implement the right strategies and products to serve your customers.

2. Track sales and marketing campaigns

Avoid sending emails and sales pitches that don?t work. With CRM, you can easily track which marketing campaign works well with your leads and customers.
Through sales and marketing funnels, CRM can tell you where your customer?or lead?left off in the process. Did he receive your email but didn?t open it??Did she add the product to cart but didn?t pay on the checkout?
This feature of CRM will help you?quickly?figure out what works and what needs improvement?in your marketing efforts, saving you time and money.

3. Win back abandoned carts

Speaking of checkouts, CRM also helps you?avoid losing sales and customers.
When a person reaches the checkout page, fills out his name?and?email address?but something pulls him away from completing the purchase?CRM?s marketing automation feature takes place.
The system automatically detects the person?s ?cart abandonment??and sends to the?email address?something like this:

Hi Johnny,
You?re only one step away to?completing your order. Please go here (links back to his cart)?to finish your purchase. If you?get?unsatisfied with your purchase,?you can get a full refund within 30 days.
Your cart is waiting!?Finish checkout?now?>> [link to cart]

Online statistics?show that?although 75-80% of customers abandon checkout,?45% of?abandonment?emails are opened, 21% are clicked, and?10% completed the purchase.
If 100 customers abandoned their cart, you can still get 10 of them to complete the order?through CRM marketing automation.

4. Follow up on existing customers

One?of the?strategies to grow a small business?is?building a?customer loyalty program. It could be anything that gives?customers a?continuous satisfying connection with your business, like:

  • Asking for honest reviews and feedback on their previous purchase
  • Giving away freebies and product tests
  • Selling new products at?promo?prices.

CRM helps you send these follow-up emails to existing customers.

5. Automate your sales and marketing team

The best of these CRM features is automation. Yes, sending cart abandonment emails will be automated. If you want to ask?for review 1 week after a customer orders, you can automate it too.
In fact, you can create a series of automated actions or email through funnels inside the CRM.
crm automation
For example, when there?s a new customer, the marketing funnel can be like this:

  • (After 2 days) Send an email for instructions on how to use the product
  • (After 5 days) Send a follow up email for review
  • (After 20 days) Send an email with a new product upsell
  • (After 40 days) Send a coupon code for the customer to use.

The options are limitless!
This marketing automation of CRM will?make selling and marketing easier?for you?and your team. CRM can help you get leads, customers and increased profits even while you sleep.

How?We Made an Easy?and Effective?CRM for You

Now there are many CRM?tools?out there. But as a?professional?web design company,?we use the best option.
When you?subscribe to our Plus and Premium plans,?you can?have?our CRM?system on your website.?And here?s how we?make it convenient?for you.

1. We set it up for you

No need to figure out where to get a CRM, how to install and integrate it with your website, etc. We set up everything for you.
If you need help configuring its settings or building an automated sales funnel?we got you covered. Just let us know exactly what you want to happen in your funnel.

2. Simple to use

But in case you want to do it yourself and learn the ins and outs of the CRM tool, no problem at all. Our CRM system is designed to be simple and uncomplicated for non-techy users.
Building sales funnels and editing emails is as simple as drag-and-drop.

3. All done and managed within WordPress

You don?t need to login on another 3rd?party website to access our CRM tool. It?s all within your WordPress dashboard.
While you access your WooCommerce store on?WordPress, you can check your lead capturing campaigns, segment customers, send emails,?and?edit?funnels right on the same dashboard.
crm on wordpress dashboard
And since it?s self-hosted in your WordPress site, that means you have full control of it. No one can change anything in your CRM and marketing campaigns, unless you give him access to your website admin.

4. Already included in your subscription plan

The best part is… it?s already included in your Plus or Premium plan. Enjoy the CRM at no extra cost!
When you buy a separate CRM and marketing automation software like Infusionsoft,?it will cost you additional $149-$199 per month.
So why get a separate CRM, when you can have it in your website plan?
The answer is obvious.
Now that you know the core benefits of CRM and marketing automation, it?s time to maximize it in your small business.?Redeem abandoned carts, follow-up customers for reviews, offer a lead magnet PDF,?and so on?and make it automated.
Check our plans?and we?ll help you setup your CRM.
Start building sales funnels and marketing automation, and get more leads, customers and sales coming.

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