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What To Do If Events Are Stuck Waiting

If events are stuck in the Waiting Status it can be caused by a couple of things.

Your Cron Job is not active.

The most likely reason is your cron job is no longer active, to solve this follow the steps in this article.

Error during event processing.

While rare, it does occasionally happen when the event queue encounters an error while processing the events. This can happen when…

  • Your site crashes
  • Your site times out
  • A plugin conflict

If this happens, click the Clean Up button above the event queue and this will restore the affected events and allow them to be processed normally.

Does processing the events manually work?

If processing events manually works, the issue is almost certainly with your Cron Job and you should look there for a configuration issue first.
If you are unable to process them manually, then there is a deeper issue and you should contact support for assistance.
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