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Setting Up the AWS Integration

AWS is a powerful service that allows you to send both email and SMS directly from your site. Our integration provides several useful features such as…
  • Send emails through SES
  • Send SMS through SNS
  • Domain and sender management
  • Email address blacklist
  • Automatic bounce and complaint handling
Most of the setup of our integration is automatic (woohoo!) but there are a few steps.

1. Set Your API Keys

Copy your API keys from AWS and add them to your site in the settings. You may need to create new keys.

It is important the keys you are using have the following permissions for the integration to work.
  • AmazonSNSFullAccess
  • AmazonSESFullAccess

2. Choose Which Services You Want to Use

You can send both email and SMS with AWS, you can enable these services separately.
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