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Preventing Spam in Web Forms

If you are looking for ways in preventing spam in web forms, you can harden your site in a few ways to ensure only actual humans are entering your site

Marking Spammy Contacts as “Spam”

By marking a contact as “spam” in MBR CRM their IP address is blacklisted and submissions from that IP address will no longer be accepted and the form will show a generic error.

To mark a contact as spam simply find their record in the contact list and click the “Spam” link.

Preventing Spam in Web Forms
The affected IP address is added to the Keyword Blacklist (explained more below).

Using the Keyword Blacklist

WordPress by default has a content moderation tool called the keyword blacklist. MBR CRM will check this blacklist by default for any spammy words in a form submission, as well as check the contact’s email address and IP address.

You can add or remove keywords from the blacklist by going to Settings > Discussion > Comment Moderation.

Preventing Spam in Web Forms

If you want to get a head start,?copy this list of spammy keywords?to lock down your forms now.

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