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New User Roles

MBR CRM separates most of its functionality into user roles and various capabilities. Below we describe what new user roles are included.


The administrator will always have full privileges and will be able to access anything MBR CRM related.


The Marketer role is similar to the existing Editor role in WordPress but with full MBR CRM permissions.

This role is useful if you have a team member who you want to manage MBR CRM, but do not want to provide full access to the site.

Sales Manager & Sales Representative

These roles have the lowest level of permissions and will only be able to edit and create new contacts, they can also only see their own contacts. This role is helpful if you have a sales team and they require access to MBR CRM, but you do not want them to be able to change/see anything besides their associated contacts.

Custom Roles and Capabilities

If you want to grant MBR CRM privileges to other user roles, or specific users you can do that using a free plugin call User Role Editor 

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