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Managing Contact Notes

You can keep track of detailed contact information by using the contact Notes feature.

What are notes?

Notes allow you to store detailed information about a contact. For example, if you have a phone call with a contact and they mention their preference for receiving calls after 3:00 PM, you can store that in a note.

In addition to the note content, you will be able to keep track of…

  • When the note was added
  • Who it was added by
  • When the last time the note was edited

Adding a note...

To add a note go to the contact record you want to add the note to and navigate to the Notes tab.

You can then enter the content for your not and click Add Note.

Editing a note...

To edit a note click the pencil icon on the desired note.

You can then edit the note content and save any changes.

Deleting a note...

To delete a note click the trash icon on the note you want to delete.

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