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How to Test Your Funnel

If you are testing a funnel there are some things you should do to ensure you are testing it correctly and can test quickly.

Ensure your Funnel is Active!

It is really hard to test an inactive funnel. Actually, it’s impossible!

Are you Testing While Logged In?

If you are testing while logged in make sure you enable the ”Disable logged in user tracking precedence“ option in the settings.

By default, the tracking cookie used by MBR CRM is the current logged in user, but if you are testing while logged in and you are using a different email address you will want it to reference the contact you are testing with.
If you run a membership site, you should re-enable the option once you are done testing. 

Run Timers Right Away

If you want to run timers right away, so you do not have to wait for them to pass the required amount of time, you can process them instantly.

Go to the contact you are testing with and go to the activity tab.

Click ”Run Now“ to run the timer instantly and move to the next step.

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