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17 Effective Ways on How to Attract People on Instagram

Some people that are engaged daily with Instagram notices that when checking their feed, some of the posts are from days ago, and some are just a few minutes. Learn 17 more ways on how to attract people on Instagram!


So many people are wondering, why is the Instagram feed not in chronological order?

The answer to this is that Instagram’s algorithm was changed, just like other social media platforms.

Back in 2016, Instagram has announced that they are changing their algorithm. The users will now see what posts or contents they care about the most, regardless of the time when it was posted. In effect, social media marketers have a hard time getting organic Instagram posts seen by other users. Instagram is now giving less priority to advertisements and brands. Instead, its new algorithm is prioritizing posts from families and friends.

But sometimes, there is a way to beat this algorithm, and brand posts with natural engagements can. Posts that have numerous Likes and comments, past interaction with your content, and post frequency are a few factors that can and will influence a post’s ranking on Instagram.

Natural engagements from your followers can create positive feedback loops. It’s as simple as this; the more users like and place a comment on a post, the more chance it will appear on the Explore Tab.

You might want to consider these few things before we move on to strategies that can attract more comments for your posts:

How to Attract People on Instagram #1. Public Account

First, you need to make your account t public to make sure new followers can easily locate and find your content.

How to Attract People on Instagram #2. Push Notifications

To easily reply, and like your follower’s content, you need to turn on push notifications. The more people that interact with your account, the higher the chances of your content will appear on their feed.

How to Attract People on Instagram #3. Utilize Engaging Content

Remember to curate contents that are interesting to people. Most people will not engage with content that make no sense at all. You can select one of your team members to manage all the Instagram content and scheduling. Or you can also create a larger team so you can better source out videos, photos, or even ideas. Implement this technique, so you always have fresh and interesting content on your Instagram feed.

How to Attract People on Instagram #4. Instagram Editorial Calendar

You need to come up with an Instagram publishing tempo that best suits you. We highly suggest that you post once a day.

Once you have configured the steps mentioned above, we can now move on to ways that you can get more comments on your Instagram.

How to Attract People on Instagram #5. Contests and Giveaways

It is always a fun and easy way to get followers commenting on your posts if you can host giveaways or contests. You can post an Instagram contest asking people to leave a comment so they can join your event. You can make this a weeklong event so users can like and comment each day. Use user-generated content or UGC and ask followers to share or post their own photos or contents and mention/tag your event or your brand in their posts.

How to Attract People on Instagram #6. Instagram Takeover

Want to know a fun way to have fresh content on your Instagram? Or even work with colleagues and influencers? An Instagram takeover is your answer. Not to mention that it is also an effective way to engage more people on Instagram.

Whether the comments are from your Instagram account or another account, Instagram takeovers can help you gain more followers, comments, and likes. It?s a win-win for hosts and guests when using Instagram takeovers.

How to Attract People on Instagram #7. Ask Users to be Active in the Comment Section

Ask people to comment on your posts. This is a very simple way to get more Instagram comments.

Create a post on Instagram that invites people to share it or answer a question. And then you can ask users to tag their friends, families, or even co-workers in the comment section. It’s a fun yet effective way to make a connection and interact with your audience, and at the same time, gain more comments.

How to Attract People on Instagram #8. Funny, Engaging, Surprising, or Proactive Posts

Studies show that most viral contents on the internet are the one that can create anticipation, surprise, uncertainty, and curiosity. Any content that can arouse emotions is very effective to gain attention, likes, and comments. Think of content that you can post on Instagram that can help people to feel a strong emotion. If you post such content, users can be compelled to comment on your post.

Remember that it doesn’t have to be about your brand ? a happy moment, an intriguing industry trend, a surprising fact, or even silly content. You can post content that most people can enjoy so you can attract more comments on it.

How to Attract People on Instagram #9. Video Posts

Statistics show that viewing videos on Instagram has increased by 40% over the past few years. Today, Instagram users can post videos for up to one-minute time duration. You can post engaging videos so you can get more followers. Remember to make your video post intriguing so more users can be engaged. Social Media users are interested in video content nowadays, so make sure to share something relevant and interesting. If you do so, you can ask your viewers to leave a comment on your post.

How to Attract People on Instagram #10. Hashtags

Your posts can appear in searches on Instagram if you use popular and relevant Hashtags. People are more likely to when they see you are talking about a relevant topic they are also interested in using your hashtags. You can also combine the previous strategies so you can generate more engagement and use relevant hashtags.

How to Attract People on Instagram #11. Right Timing in Publishing a Content

The right time of the day for publishing content on every social media platform has always been a debate. The truth is, it depends on what industry, depends on your followers, and depends on what type of content you are about to post on social media.

The best thing to do is to test your engagement rates every time you post content on Instagram. Once you studied your engagement rates, you can now set a better schedule and post content for your followers and other Instagram users.

Try to determine what time of the day works best for you. Figure out the time when most of your followers are likely to leave a comment to your posts.

How to Attract People on Instagram #12. Use People’s Faces

Selfies are also a good strategy to engage more people. According to a study, faces are an effective way of non-verbal communication that every people can respond to.

You can use selfies, group shots, and candid shots of people’s faces and determine whether your target audience will engage with the human side of your brand.

How to Attract People on Instagram #13. Use Animal Photos

Animals have a great influence on social media. They have been popular on the internet for a very long time.

You can try posting an animal in your office, or a picture of a co-worker’s pet. Just remember to make it lighter and more fun content and see if your target audience is also interested in commenting on animals as well.

How to Attract People on Instagram #14. Reply to Comments

Replying to people’s comments on your posts will give your audience a sense of connection and community. It will also show that you actually care for what they have to say. People are more likely to continue the comment thread if they see someone is responding to their comments.

Furthermore, when other users notice that you are responding to comments, they are more likely to comment on your post, ask a question about your post, and join the discussion.

How to Attract People on Instagram #15. Use Emojis

Surely, using hashtags on your Instagram posts can help you generate comments and be visible on searches. Emojis can then catch people’s attention to your post’s captions. The more you gain people’s attention to your posts, the more possibility of engagement to people will be meaning more likes and comments.

But remember to use emojis that are relevant to your posts or seem appropriate for your brand or company. Avoid using too many emojis on a single post.

How to Attract People on Instagram #16. Post Regularly

To make your account more active and up-to-date, post regularly. It is very effective throughout all social media sites. If you try to post once in a while, your post will get buried and drowned by others, and eventually, fewer people will notice your posts and contents.

Meanwhile, if you post regularly and at the right time of the day, more people are to see your posts. Meaning, more people are likely to follow your account and start commenting on each post you share.

How to Attract People on Instagram #17. Use Q&A Posts and Ask People to Comment on their Questions

Instagram users can now promote live Q&A because of the features like IG stories and IGTV. You can publish standard Instagram posts if you are planning to host an interview and promote your event.

You can then ask your followers to comment on the questions they would like to ask your guest. This will also show users that you are directly engaging with them.

The most important factor you need to remember and consider is Engagement. Comments, views, and likes can greatly affect your posts on the Instagram feed. If a lot of people are interacting with your posts and shares, your content will be discovered on the Explore tab for more people to look at.

We suggest that you try these methods out and attract more responses, comments, and likes on Instagram.

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