How to ask for a review for small businesses

Every business should always remind or even ask customers to leave an online review, especially for small businesses. But remember that it is not enough that you ask them for reviews, what’s important is how you do it.
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Informative and detailed reviews are far more important than star ratings as per statistics and recent studies since potential customers are more likely to trust a more detailed comment about their experience than just a five-star rating. So it is very crucial for a business to ask customers to leave an online review that elaborates and addresses the concerns of the customers.

It is very important to ask customers for online reviews – everyone knows and agrees to that. The only concern now is how you ask customers the right way. Below are some of the important things that you need to know on how you can request a review that brings you detailed and important information directly from your customers.

A Request Built Around Customer Concern

Businesses should create a request for review that specifically math the industry they are in. Also, companies should create requests that potential customers want to see in an online review.

Here is an example:

A small coffee-shop might craft a review request for a customer:

“Thank you for visiting [Shop Name], and it was a pleasure serving you. We would greatly appreciate a thoughtful review of your experience from your recent visit. You might mention our professionalism and excellent customer service. Thank you for your time and consideration!”


Make It Simple and Easy

If you make the process for leaving a review easy, simple, and convenient, customers are more likely to leave one for you. Providing customers with examples of testimonials, pattern, or a model that they can use when they’re filling out a review would be very helpful to them. A roadmap for creating their own review request that highlights keywords or phrases. Doing this would be very helpful for your customers as well as for your business.

Here are some keyword examples that can be found in a 5-star review:

  • Fair Prices
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Attentive Customer’s Needs
  • Professional Service
  • Trustworthy
  • Clear and Honest
  • Easy and Straightforward

You can increase the quality, as well as the quantity of online customer reviews and feedbacks by simplifying the process. Don’t get it wrong, Five-Star reviews are great, but customers give much importance and appreciation to a detailed, informative review.

A Request Built Around Competitive Advantage

Encouraging customers to leave a positive review of your product or service is not that harmful. You might want to consider emphasizing your business’s values and strengths when you craft the “ask” for an online review.

For instance, a roofing company might remind a client about the quality of their service.

Thank you for choosing [Company Name] to help you with the concerns on your roof. We hope that you’re fully satisfied. We would like to invite you to give us feedback about your experience with our service. We have noted some issues resolved during the process. We hope that you found this helpful.


  • Negotiating a lower price
  • Securing a safe roof for your home
  • Identifying a compatible roof for beautification


Creating A Request With Questions

Using questions is another effective way of creating a review request for your customers. But remember that the questions you need to use should lead them to consider positive things about your business.

Below are a few examples of questions you might want to consider:

  • Why did you choose our service?
  • What was the most excellent part of your experience with us?
  • Would you recommend our service to other people?


 It is always wise to emphasize your business’s competitive advantages. You can also remind your customers about how you help them with a certain issue. Doing these things will give your customers the basis for a positive review. Remember that this will not guarantee that customers will always give positive feedback. Nevertheless, it will help your customers to give a more detailed and informative review.



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