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13 Ways to Gain More Website Visitors for Your Small Business in 2020

What?s the point of having a website without visitors? If you want more sales and customers, you need more leads. And to?increase qualified leads, you?should?gain more website visitors.?

If few people notice your website?it?s useless. But getting high volume of web traffic is hard too.

In this article, I?list?13?proven?strategies to gain more website visitors (except for paying ads).?I guarantee that combining?these strategies?will?increase your web traffic in no time.??

If you?re the business owner, you don?t need to do it yourself.?Share it with your team or?request this?from the?web design company or agency?you hired for your website.?

Failproof Tactics to?Gain?More?Website?Visitors?(without Paid Ads)?

1. Build an accessible and secure website?

Make sure?it’s?100%?accessible to users.?Google?provides the following guidelines for best website practices:?

  • Ensure all links go to live web pages?(no broken links)?
  • Ensure your site?appears correctly in different browsers?
  • Secure your site’s connections?with HTTPS.?

Yes,?Google confirmed since 2014 that using?SSLsecured?(HTTPS)?site?is?also an?SEO ranking?factor.?


If you?re having problems with the site?s accessibility, you might need to?transfer to another web hosting.?When you?subscribe to our plans,?we can help you?with it.?

2. Make your website mobile-friendly

According to?OptinMonster,?Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites in drawing search results.?And you can assume the same thing with other search?engines.?

So?here are some tips:?

  • Make sure web pages and content automatically resizes to fit mobile devices?
  • Use large fonts for better readability on small screens?
  • Include mobile-friendly menus for easy navigation?
  • Make?sure ads don?t hide?essential content?on small screens.?

When Google detects your mobile-friendly?site, it?s not impossible to gain more website visitors through organic search.?

3. Improve website load speed?

Google states: ?Fast sites make users happy and improve the overall quality of the web (especially for those users with slow Internet connections).??

If your website doesn?t load fast, people will likely leave. And that will hurt your ?Bounce Rate.??

According to?CrazyEgg, bounce rate is the percentage of people who lands on your website and then leaves without?continuing?to another page. When your bounce rate is high, it signals to search engines that your website is irrelevant?for users.?

To improve your website speed,?here are some basic tips:?

  • Keep plugins updated and remove unused plugins??
  • Install?website cache?to speed up load of static pages?
  • Use?small-sized?images?and install an image compression plugin.?

4. Setup technical SEO of website?

Look for keywords and keyword phrases to rank for.?You can use tools like?SEMRush,?Ahrefs?or?Ubersuggest.?

Then use those keywords throughout your?website.?

You don?t need to be 100%?techie?on this. Here are some basics?to?do:?

  • Add keyword phrases in your page titles?
  • Use header tags for content hierarchy (e.g. h1 for title, and then h2?for headings and?h3 for subheadings)?
  • Add?meta description that both?includes keywords and?entices readers?
  • Use keyword phrases in alt tags?of images to?show?relevance?to the main content?
  • Use?schema markup?to tell?search engines?what kind of content your website is about.?

Adding?relevant?keywords will make your website appear when people search for it on search engines,?and increase?chances to gain more website visitors.?

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5. Write magnetic and catchy headlines

According to?Google Search Console,?people?s??encounter??with?your links on search engines?can either be an impression or a click.??

?Impressions? refer to a time when a user sees a link to your site on the search results. But if your website appears yet people don?t ?Click? it, you still don’t get traffic and leads.?

To gain more website visitors,?your page and post titles should be relevant and catchy for users to actually check it.?

Here are some tips:?

  • Use the word ?You? or ?Your? to establish connection with the reader?
  • Add?power words?like ?New,???Free? or ?Guaranteed? to increase interest?
  • Place the relevant keywords at the beginning of the title so readers can immediately understand its content.?

6. Produce engaging and relevant content?

The quality of your website content determines the visitor?s user experience. If it?s high quality content, the user will more likely stay?or come back to?look for more information?on your?site.?

The?more people stay and go back to your site, the higher your search relevance and?domain ranking will be.?

To produce engaging content, make sure:?

  • The content solves a problem of the reader?
  • It?s written in a simple language?
  • It guides the reader to take an action.?

7. Do business blogging

According to?HubSpot, there are 4 primary benefits of blogging:?

  • It helps drive traffic to your website?
  • It helps convert that traffic into qualified leads?
  • It helps establish your online authority?
  • It?drives long-term results.?

By creating new content regularly, it gives you the opportunity to add target keywords?and phrases?to your website.?Plus,?you get another piece to?promote online in order to gain more website visitors.?

To do effective blogging, take note of these tips:?

  • Create a mix of long and short posts. Don’t write cheap, 300-words articles. Make it substantial. But you don?t need to write 3000-words all the time.?
  • Write evergreen content. These are topics that are essential to readers regardless of trends and events.?
  • Develop cornerstone content and topic clusters. Cornerstone content are long, comprehensive articles on a topic?(usually 2500-5000 words). Topic clusters are shorter articles that further discuss subtopics mentioned in the?cornerstone?content.?

Linking these blog posts?within each other will give more opportunities for readers to stay longer on your website. And that increases the chance to convert them into?qualified leads?and customers.?

8. Build internal,external?and inbound?links??

Internal links?are links between different pages on the same website.?This helps users to navigate your website and help search engines identify information hierarchy on your site.?

As mentioned above, link pages and posts to each other. But instead of using the exact title of page/post, use keywords and phrases?for improved SEO.?

For instance, if the page you’re linking to is ?Our Services,? you can use ?online?transcription services??or whatever you?re selling.?

External links?are links that point to other websites.?It may sound counterproductive because you?ll be pointing users ?outside” your website.?

But here are two common benefits of linking to other websites:?

  • Cite reference and establish credibility. It helps prove that what you?re?saying?is backed up by?others (e.g.?research)?
  • Open opportunities for networks. When you link to other sites, they?ll appreciate it and may be open for discussing collaboration.?

To avoid losing your leads, just make sure to may external links open in ?New Tab? so your website remains open in the user?s browser.?

Inbound links?are also considered external links, but this time?other websites are linking to yours. This is the best link you can have.?

Inbound links signal to search engines that your website is a?trustworthy?source of information. And the users of that linking website?can?become your users?too.?

That?multiplies your?opportunities?to gain more website visitors.?

To gain inbound links, you can submit your website to online directories like Yelp or Google My Business.?Much better, you can?write an article?for?other blogs or get featured on online news.?

Just make sure the linking website had a good?reputation as?well.?

9. Add your?website to Google Search Console?

With?hundreds to thousands of new websites created and old websites updated each day?it takes time for search engines to recognize a new website.?

To make it faster for?search engines like Google to ?crawl? your website,?you can submit your website to Google Search Console.?Then?upload a ?sitemap? of your website, so Google can immediately identify all the pages,?posts, photos and keywords on the website.?

(When you?subscribe to our web design services, we?ll set this up for you)?

10. Give a FREE content

People always love something FREE, as long as it offers to solve their problem(s).?

The most common strategy is to write an?ebook?(PDF) and offer it in exchange for their email. Inside the?ebook, discuss?a problem and a solution. Add links to your website posts throughout the?ebook, and at the end?link to your product/services landing page.?

Just be sure to focus on educating the reader more than selling. And when they find it valuable, they?ll share it. It?s free anyway!?

As more?people read the?ebook?guide,?you?gain more?website visitors and leads as well.?

11. Share your content on social media

Maximize the influence of the online social community.?Create a page/account on social media platforms, and add a link to your website.?

Post your blog posts and products/services. Experiment between photos, texts, and videos.??

Be engaging so people will click the link and even share your posts to their friends.?

12. Build an email list?

After getting email addresses through the free giveaway, it?s time to send them valuable emails.?

Here are some good pointers to consider for email marketing:?

  • Only send valuable emails?
  • Don?t send too frequently to avoid irritating their inboxes?
  • Pitch your products or services from time to time (not always)?
  • Send emails that will educate them.?

Then make everything automated.?

Create automated email funnels that will send a series of emails to certain people at a certain time.?The more people subscribe to your email list, this automated funnel will have a compounding effect and help you gain more website visitors.?

*When you?subscribe to our Premium business suite, you get unlimited email marketing plus we?ll help set up the?automated?email funnels?for you.?

13. Do influencer marketing

Most people will listen to friends, family and trusted people more than salespeople?or celebrities. So instead of promoting your products yourself or hiring an expensive celebrity endorser?look for an influencer.?

Here?s a?basic?example of how to do it.?

Find a person on social media who talks about the same niche of your business.?Ask him/her?for a quote?you can feature on a blog article, with a promise to link to his/her profile and personal website.?

Once the article is published, that influencer can proudly share that he/she?s been featured on?the article. You gave a link to his/her site, while you get noticed by his/her fans and gain more website?visitors.?

It?s a win-win.?


To gain more website visitors isn?t magic. It requires time, effort and good strategy.??

Combine technical SEO with?user-friendly website,?quality content, active promotion,?influencer network and automated marketing.?It?will satisfy users and search engines will grant you the reward.?

Keep doing this strategy and you?ll see a multiplied increase in web traffic over time.

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