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How to Get a Digital Menu for Your Local Restaurant: An Easy Guide

If you want?to keep?hungry customers buying?food?from your local restaurant, then you need to offer them an easy way to get their cravings. Feature your products through?a digital restaurant menu.?

Recent?Colorado?news?announced?that restaurants will start reopening soon?with limited capacity and interaction among customers and staff.?

Given the pandemic, the fear of ?touching? stuff and social limitations,?more customers will?hope for?an online or?digital?experience with your restaurant.?

Customers will want to:?

  • See?a digital restaurant?menu?via your website instead of a physical menu board?
  • Choose food from?your?menu?online?for pick-up at your branch.?

?As an example, here?s an Italian restaurant?with a digital?menu on the website.?

If customers can access your restaurant menu as easy as this, then?they can easily order while complying with the social and physical limitations.?

Now the question is?how do you do that? Below?are?our suggestions.?

Two Options for Using a Digital Restaurant Menu on Your Website?

1. Show a graphic design of your menu

The first option to help customers see your menu is through graphic design.?Just like this photo:?

Digital Menu photo

The good thing is… these graphic designs can also be used on your social media posts.??

But?digital photos?of?a?menu?aren?t always advisable?on websites?especially when showing multiple information.?

If it?s a?big?photo showing 3-5 food choices and prices, it might look small and hard to read on customers? mobile gadgets.?

That?s why you also need to…?

2. Create a responsive list of your menu

If your restaurant offers a lot of food choices,?plus online ordering for home delivery? then?it?s best to have pages and/or sections throughout your website that feature them.?

Take for instance the 1st?photo above. When you?view?it?on a mobile phone, it still looks good this way:?

?Sample Digital Restaurant Menu Mobile

So?whether they view it during a dine-in experience or online delivery, this?makes?it easy for your customers to?view what you offer.?

How Marketing by Rob can help you?

If you need a digital restaurant menu like discussed above, we got you covered. We can help you create graphic designs and responsive web pages that showcase your menu.?

We can also help you get a scannable QR code. So that when customers visit your store to dine in, they could simply pick up their phones, scan the code, and your digital menu on the website will show up.?

At the same time, we can set up your ecommerce store so that customers?do not simply ?look? at your digital menus?on the website. Instead, they can click, add items to their order,?and?pay online.?

Best of all, we can help you connect it with an online point-of-sale (POS) system.?So?you can easily?view and sync?your restaurant?s?data?of?your menu,?orders,?and?customer list?on your online shop and local store.?

It?s a completely?functional?online business.?

Want that? Check?our?web design and management services?now, and let?s create your website with a digital restaurant menu.?

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