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Connect to Elastic Email Using Email API

Do you use SMTP to send your email? SMTP is an old and slow protocol for delivering email. If you use Elastic Email to send emails you can now easily make use of their REST API to deliver your email much faster and more reliably.

One of the cool things about our integration is that with it, MBR CRM can be informed by Elastic Email when emails bounce or contacts mark them as spam. This way MBR CRM can automatically update the contact’s email preference to stop sending them emails. Configuration of Elastic Email is easy and reliable. Elastic Email also provides full CRM functionality with their email sending services.

To enable email sending using Elastic Email you need to download the MBR CRM Elastic Email plugin from our website.

Once you successfully installed this extension on your website you will be able to see a new setting section under the Email Tab. This area is used to configure Elastic Email settings.

Elastic Email extension requires an API key to successfully send emails from MBR CRM to the end-user. Please follow the following step to configure your Elastic Email Plugin.

1. Navigate yourself from your dashboard to My Account > Settings > API.

Connect To Elastic Email Using Email API

2. If you already have an API key created you can use that or you can create a new API key by clicking on the Add A PI key. Enter the Key name and click on Create.

Connect To Elastic Email Using Email API
3. Save the generated API key in a secure place as you will only see this key once.

4. Open MBR CRM and navigate to the settings and open the Email tab.

5. Enter the generated API key in the API key area and click on save changes.
Connect To Elastic Email Using Email API
6. Saving the key enables the new section where you can test your API by clicking on the test API connection button.
Connect To Elastic Email Using Email API

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