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How to Overcome the 3 Big Challenges of Hiring a Web Agency for Your Website

Finding the best web agency for your business website isn?t easy. It can discourage your team, implying that they?re incompetent. It may also not bring good results in the end, like low number of leads and sales.

To maximize the benefits of a web agency, you must also settle and overcome the risks and inconveniences involved.

In this in-depth article, I?ll show you the major challenges of outsourcing your website. But you?ll also learn 10 best practices to solve those challenges and reap the benefits for business growth.

Quick outline for this article:

  1. Major challenges with web agencies
  2. 10 tips on hiring and maximizing web design agencies

Major Challenges of Working with a Web Agency

1. You lose some control

While you get the freedom to focus on major business concerns, you also lose full control. You don?t know and see exactly how the individual people in the agency work on your website.

At the same time, the web design agency may not share the exact same goals and branding styles of your business. A Forbes article explains that the outsourcing partner should be able to communicate your brand consistently to customers via your website.

2. You adjust with their time frame

Agencies typically work with different businesses at the same time. And they might encounter issues that affect how fast they complete your website.

If the web design agency is located in a different country or area, their time zone can also affect proper coordination.

But David Walsh, an entrepreneur and author, gives this suggestion:

… time zones create more opportunity than inconvenience, as you can extend your productive hours by handing tasks over to someone during their workday… Assign a task at night, and awake to find it complete and waiting for you.

3. It will affect your team?s growth?

According to The Balance Small Business, outsourcing business roles and tasks can impact your own team?s morale. The act of outsourcing may give a signal that their jobs are at risk or their contributions are unsatisfactory.

Those are the major challenges. Now, let?s talk about how to solve them.

10 Tips for Hiring a Web Agency (and Maximizing It)

1. Discuss with your current team first

As an article in Forbes recommends, you must discuss with your team the decision and reason for outsourcing. Otherwise, this will confuse your employees or business partners.

Explain that this action will help you focus on more important goals toward better growth as a whole team. This can keep your team?s morale and culture.

2. Check their credibility and expertise

The primary objective of outsourcing your website to an agency is to help your business grow. According to Neil Patel, make sure you don?t lose the quality of your business because of it.

When choosing a web design agency, check their portfolio, sample works and genuine testimonials. If possible, check if they?re an actual business registered in their local area.

3. Focus on the promised results

Ultimately, what you need isn?t just a website for your business. You need a platform that delivers results and attracts more customers online.

So ask yourself, ?What value can I get from this agency? Can they help me gain more leads and profit??

4. Be willing to contact them for any questions

According to The Balance Small Business, some outsourcing companies have hidden costs not completely indicated on their website. So if you want a better explanation of what they offer and how it works, don?t hesitate to email or call them.

This will protect you from major problems or false expectations once they start building your website.

5. Ask if they offer customized plans

Web design agencies offer standard packages with various inclusions like social media tools and email marketing integration. But you may need more or less than that.

So inquire if you could get a plan that is more customized for your business needs and goals.

Here at Marketing by Rob, for instance, we offer standard web design packages starting at $99. But if you need more features like creating a custom plugin for your website, we provide special packages too. Just let us know.

6. Clarify expectations and specifications

Clearly define project specifications and expectations for your business website.

  • Will it have an e-commerce feature??
  • Will it include a blog??
  • How many pages will it be?

Then ask for clarifications related to the web design service itself.?

  • When can you expect the website to be completed?
  • How many revisions are allowed?

Unlike Marketing by Rob, some web agencies provide only a limited number of revision requests.

7. Secure your privacy and business files

Since you?ll be sharing the work with another company, keep your privacy protected. Jonathan Gossels, the president of a security compliance and consulting firm suggested:

The most important step a business owner can take to protect his data is to only provide the outsourced service provider with the absolute minimum data necessary for the provider to do its work.

Your contact information and business address will definitely be included on the website. But you don?t need to disclose everything to the web design agency.

At the same time, make sure you own the rights for the website. In case you need to migrate to another hosting provider or web agency in the future, they should give you the website files.

8. Welcome their creativity

Once the project starts, give them the freedom to express creativity. As a team of digital marketing specialists, the web design agency is reliable.

Just tell them what you want to be included on a page. Let them design it for you, and then give timely feedback for adjustments.

9. Stay on top of the project

Although you don?t oversee everything, keep on track of its progress. Ask the web agency for regular updates. That will also keep you excited for the completed website.

And if there?s anything inconsistent with your agreements and expectations, deal with it right away.

10. Prefer long-term partnership

Your website is a long-term investment for your business. Although it won?t generate results overnight or the first months, you?ll need it alongside as your business grows.

So look for a web development agency that?s willing to support you and grow your website anytime in the future.

Expand Your Business Potential and Growth

Now, working with a web agency is an important step but a difficult decision for your business. In an article for CIO, Stephanie Overby suggests:

Start by realizing that no one outsourcer is going to be an exact fit for your needs. Trade-offs will be necessary.

To make an informed decision, articulate what you want from the outsourcing relationship to extract the most important criteria you seek in a service provider.

Outsourcing your website will involve challenges and adjustments. But with the right process and clear expectations, a web design agency can definitely help you.?

So focus more on your business and let someone else help you build a website, attract more customers and grow.

If you?re ready to hire a web agency now, check out Marketing by Rob?an agency based in Colorado.

We offer customized websites with unlimited revisions and ongoing maintenance starting at only $99/month. If you need a FREE custom quote for your small business, just send an email to

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