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Cars On Search: An Innovative Way to Advertise Auto Listings

Advertise Your Auto Listings to Potential Buyers Looking for Your Auto Dealership on Google Using Their Mobile Phones!

Announcing Cars On Search! One of the newest brands I have been working on is, a sister company to Marketing By Rob.  Cars On Search gives Auto Dealerships the ability to post their Auto Inventory automatically to Business Profile within Google My Business.

An Algorithm that Does Everything Automatically 

One of the hardest pieces of this project was creating a way for a dealership’s auto inventory to be automatically updated without a dealership needing to have staff do the updates manually.

Cars On Search Setup

We were tasked by Cars On Search to make the setup process quick and easy.  The setup will take less than 10 minutes per dealership, and their inventory will be live with 7 to 10 business days but sometimes much faster.  This depends on the dealership’s setup and how we connect their inventory into the Cars On Search algorithm.

Powered by Cars for Sale on Business Profiles by Google

Google has been piloting a new feature since the beginning of 2021. They call Cars For Sale only Business Profiles which puts the inventory on dealerships Business Profiles which is found in the same area you would see on Google My Business like reviews and posts but is only available on mobile.

This gives Google users the power to search, filter, and easily learn more about cars for sale, potentially directing customers to your dealership. If you would like to learn more about this pilot program, you can view to learn more on Google or read an article I did on Cars On Search at

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