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How to Find Affordable Web Design Services for a Small Business in 2020

When looking for affordable web design services, consider the maintenance and results of the website too.

You must ask, ?What?s worth your money?? or ?What?s more beneficial for making your business grow in leads and profit??

In this in-depth article, I?ll show you the basic costs of building a website. Then you?ll discover the 2 types of affordable web design services with its advantages and disadvantages. So make sure you choose what will benefit your business the most ? especially in the future.

Quick outline for this article:

  1. The basic costs of building a website
  2. Prioritizing quality and business growth
  3. The 2 types of affordable web design services
  4. Choosing a growth-driven web design

How Much Does a Business Website Usually Cost

Here are the 6 basic elements in building a ?functional? website including their estimated costs.

1. Domain Name

A domain name refers to your business address online. It?s where people go to in order to find your business.

Domain names come in the format of, like or 

According to IWantMyName, there?s actually more than 400+ domain extensions available including .org, .net, and .tech.

But if you?re a business, the classic .com extension is recommended. And according to Growth.Badger, .com remains the most popular domain extension in 2019.

You can buy your business domain name in domain registrars like or The price depends on the domain extension, but .com usually costs around $10-$15/year.

2. Web Hosting

Think of the domain name as your business address and the hosting as the building. Without the building, the address is blank.

Web hosting ?hosts? and stores your website and its files in your chosen domain.

According to Quick Sprout, there are plenty of top web hosting service providers like WP Engine and Bluehost. Although these hosting services offer starter plans for as low as $4/month, the hosting package that suits business websites usually cost around $15-$30/month.

3. Website Setup

You need to make sure your domain name is properly ?linked? (i.e. hosted) in the web hosting server. Then, you must install a website builder or CMS like WordPress to create and manage your website contents.

Unless you know it or have time to study it, you need someone to help you set it up.

According to Website Builder Expert, hiring a professional to setup your website can cost around $50-$200 (one-time fee).

4. SSL Security

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the technology that encrypts your website and its information. According to DigiCert, SSL keeps sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login credentials secured.

This is crucial especially if you will ask customers to pay you through the website.

At the same time, your website security affects your traffic. In the article comparing the options to build your website, we found out that Google ranks secured websites higher in search results.

And when visitors notice that your website isn?t secured, they could doubt your credibility and leave.

Without SSL security
With SSL security

Most hosting services and domain registrars offer free SSL along with your package. But according to Server Guy, some SSL can cost only $9/year. For larger businesses with more sensitive data like banks, more advanced SSL could cost from $699-$500-000/year.

5. WooCommerce

If you?ll sell products and services on your website, you?ll need an e-commerce plugin like WooCommerce or Shopify. This allows you to showcase your offer, receive orders, and process payments.

According to WP Beginner, each ecommerce platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. But millions of WordPress users prefer Woocommerce for fuller control.

The Woocommerce plugin can be installed FREE in your WordPress site. But if you want more added features like payment gateways, event ticket function, etc., it will add some costs.

6. Web Design

The factors above refer to the setup of your website. But design is another thing. A website can have an e-commerce store yet look boring and unprofessional.

According to WebFX, a web design project for a small business website with 8-16 pages could cost around $2,000-$9,000. While an e-commerce website with 100-1,000 products costs around $5,000-$55,000.

So in total, how much should you expect in building a website?

Expect at least $2,000 for the initial setup and design of your business website.

Of course, every entrepreneur knows that a website is an investment. You can?t go cheap on it.

So here?s the most important principle to consider when looking for affordable web design services…

Prioritize Website Quality and Business Growth

What if you spent only $1,000 for a website that doesn?t attract more visitors? Or what if you spent more than $5,000 but still get few customers?

In either case, it?s not worth it.

So when looking for affordable web design services, don?t focus on cheap services. Make sure the web design services provider can provide you these major factors:

  • User-friendly and mobile-responsive website
  • Attractive and professional design
  • Engaging content
  • Optimized for search-engine (SEO)
  • With access to performance monitoring
  • Secure and with ongoing maintenance
  • With potential for future growth.

In the last article, we discovered the advantage of hiring a web design agency compared with freelancers. 

So let?s consider the 2 types of web design services offered by companies and see which is more affordable to you.

2 Types of Affordable Web Design Services

The two major types are: Project-based and subscription-based web design.

1. Project-Based Website Design Services

These website services are paid and completed on a project basis. You set expectations with the web agency, make an agreement and estimated deadline, and start the project. 

Once the website is complete based on your initial specifications, the project and agreements end too.


The biggest advantage of project-based websites is that you only pay one-time for your website.

Once you already paid, the company won?t charge you anymore for their services. In that case, it?s quite convenient and less costly.


One drawback is that you pay a big amount of money right away. If the total project costs $2,500 and you?re paying a 50% downpayment ? that?s still $1,250.

Another drawback is the cost of ongoing website maintenance and future revisions. Even once the project is done, you will pay regularly for the hosting, domain name, SSL and other premium add-ons. 

And if you need a major revision on your website, that would be another quote and a new project. Though if it?s only minor and occasional revisions, the cost will be manageable.

2. Subscription-Based Web Design Services

Another option offered by website design agencies is subscription-based services. In this model, you will pay a fixed amount regularly for the web design and maintenance services. 

Even when the website is done, you still need to pay for its services including ongoing maintenance and future revisions. 

In case you cancel your subscription, the agency will still give your website files so you can migrate it to another host or manage it on your own. 


One advantage of subscription-based web design is low initial payment. Since your payment will be recurring, the website costs are spread out throughout the months of active subscription.

Another advantage is worry-free maintenance for your website. The service provider can update your plugins, renew hosting and domain, and maintain its performance while you focus more on your business.

Lasly, the biggest advantage is the possibility of maximizing the web design services. If you need revisions 2 months or years after your website is launched ? you can request it anytime.

Even if you request 4 or more times in a month, you?ll still pay the same price based on your subscription plan. That?s definitely an affordable web design service.


One big advantage of subscription-based web services is the long-term costs. As long as your subscription is active, you?ll still pay months and years after your website launch ? regardless of whether there are changes or not.

But in case you choose to cancel the subscription, don?t forget about the maintenance costs.

Like project-based services, managing the website yourself includes paying for the web hosting and domain renewals, SSL, and premium add-ons.

Now here?s the question: Which one is better?

Growth-Driven Web Design: The New Movement for Businesses

According to Statista, there are now around 1.72 billion websites online. And probably more than 75% of these belong to businesses.

So the challenge is how can you attract more visitors and gain more leads in an overcrowded world wide web? How can you beat your existing and future competitors who also have their business websites?

Image Source: Statista

According to HubSpot, one sure way to increase traffic to your website is continuous content creation. The more you improve your website, the more Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other people recognize your business.

In this day and age, it?s not enough that you build a website and just leave it that way.

You must build a website as an extension of your business marketing. Make it your online platform for building public trust and bringing in more customers.

That?s why it?s important to keep monitoring and building your website over time. And that?s growth-driven web design.

For that consideration, subscription-based web services is the smart choice for maximum growth. And despite recurring costs, it?s more affordable given the potential for consistent growth and more profits. 

This is what we offer here at Marketing by Rob ? an affordable web design agency based in Colorado.

We offer customized websites with unlimited revisions and ongoing maintenance for as low as only $99/month. And you also get access to our graphics designers and 1000+ plugins for your website.If you need a custom quote for your small business, just send an email to

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